The AIS-DC project is seen as a composition of services and applications that cater to efficient use of cloud computing resources. In this regard and in the context of this project, targeted applications are being developed to reach these aims. Namely, we are continuously developing CloudMan application, which makes it possible to easily establish a functional cluster-in-the-cloud and have it preconfigured with dozens of bioinformatics applications. In the background, CloudMan automatically orchestrates use of cloud resources to provision a platform that can be immediately used but extended to accommodate specific user needs. For example, the platform allows its users to customize any individual deployment and then share it with others. This provides an approach toward sustainable and reproducible science that is otherwise very hard or even impossible to achieve. For more information about the application itself, see application's website at CloudMan


Another faucet of efficient use of cloud resources is automation. In order to enable scripting and automated execution of tasks in an efficient manner, we have developed an API library, called BioBlend, that reduces the gap between cloud computing infrastructure and applications. The library provides an easier method of interacting with CloudMan and a number of bioinformatics applications. This makes it possible for users and systems to leverage available functionality in an automated and thus more efficient manner. For more details on the BioBlend application, see BioBlend